From basketball player to model to singer-songwriter, actor and entrepreneur, Pakho Chau is one of the hardest working, and romantic, entertainers in Hong Kong. With 12 Canto-pop albums to his credit and appearances in two dozen films, with each day it seems Chau is one step closer to superstardom.


Photo: Courtesy of The Venetian Macao

Indeed, audiences in Macau will get the see just how brightly the 32-year-old singer’s stars shines as Chau brings his latest tour, entitled One Step Closer Pakho Live 2017 in Macau, to the city in October.


Chau has hit all the right notes in his decade long career as a singer, racking up hits such as his debut track Same Sky, second single Six Days, and Nothing Done, a duet with Hong Kong singer Stephanie Cheng.

Unlike many of his peers, Chau produces, writes and composes many of his own songs, a number of which are characterized by their melancholy, such as his 2016 single We’ll Be Fine.

An artist with an aspirational message, Chau regards himself as on a journey to self-fulfillment. As such, his concert is intended to be more than simply a retrospective of Chau’s 10-year musical journey, it’s a thank you to his fans, colleagues, and most importantly, his family. Fans can expect to relive shared memories with Chau as he performs his emotionally charged signature songs.

October 21
One Step Closer Pakho Live 2017 in Macao
Cotai Arena, The Venetian Macao. Estrada da Baia de N. Senhora da Esperanca
+853 2882 8818,

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