Video: PSY/YouTube

In just four days, PSY's new video for his latest song New Face has amassed over 15 million views on YouTube—proving that the "Gangnam Style" star is anything but a one-hit wonder.

Shot entirely in Macau, the video shows PSY following K-pop princess Son Na-eun around as multiple personalities—from a housekeeping staff and casino dealer to a rather plump female foot masseuse (!)—interspersed with plenty of PSY-style prancing, perfectly in formation.

Watch the video above (warning: it's highly addictive) and see if you can recognise where exactly it was filmed. Need a hint? The Venetian Macao has proudly put together some side-by-side pictures on their website, which we've put spliced together for you below.

Slide left and right to see if you can identify this popular spot in Macau:

We think there may be a new package for tourists in the making—the PSY "New Face" tour, complete with photo stops and dance lessons? You heard it here, first.

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