Comprising the most popular group of crosstalk performers in China, De Yun She was formed more than twenty years ago by Guo Gegang, who’s arguably the greatest crosstalk master since this traditional art form first appeared in the Qing Dynasty. The pudgy, moon-faced Gou has more than 67 million followers on Chinese site Weibo and was listed by Forbes as one of China’ top 100 richest celebrities.


Guo Gegang, and Yu Qian (Photo: Courtesy of The Venetian Macao)

Gou, along with performance partner Yu Qian, and other crosstalk artists including Hou Zhen, Gao Feng, Luan Yunpin, Shao Bing, Cao Heyang, Zhang Yunlei and Yang Jiulang, will present De Yun She World Tour In Macao at Venetian Theatre in October.


Crosstalk, a traditional Chinese performance art that combines comedy with intricate wordplay, poetry, slang, and occasionally political satire, is delivered in a rapid, bantering style, and can include singing, Chinese ‘rapping’ and the use of traditional musical instruments.


Guo Gegang, and Yu Qian (Photo: Courtesy of The Venetian Macao)

Guo has reinvented and modernised this traditional performing art to attract younger audiences since opening the De Yun She theatre in 1996. Over the past five years, the De Yun She group of crosstalk artists has toured around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, North America, Europe and South-East Asia, with performances that tap a rich vein of humour, both cultural and intercultural.

October 6
De Yun She World Tour, Venetian Theatre, The Venetian Macao,
+853 2882 8818,

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