For five centuries Portugal ruled Macau. It's no surprise, then, that Portuguese cuisine still dominates many menus around town. Frankly, there are so many good Portuguese restaurants in the city that it's difficult to narrow a list to just ten.

A Lorcha


Seafood rice (Photo: Courtesy of A Lorcha)

A Lorcha restaurant on the Macau peninsula is designed to look like the interior of a typical lorcha sailing ship, characterised by the rigging of a Chinese junk on a Portuguese-style hull. Owner Adriano das Neves says his menu of “home-style family cooking” served in large portions hasn’t changed substantially since the welcoming eatery, which can seat 80 diners, opened in 1989.

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Neves’ recommended dishes include ameijoas bulhão pato (fresh clams with wine sauce, onions, garlic, coriander and olive oil); arroz de marisco à Portuguesa (Portuguese-style rice with fresh crab, shrimps, clams and mussels); and frango assado na brasa com piri-piri, (spicy charcoal-grilled chicken served with chips and salad).

A Lorcha, Freguesia De São Lourenço, Rua Almirante Sergio 289, São Lourenco
+853 2831 3195,

Albergue 1601


Baked whole perch (Photo: Courtesy of Albergue 1601)

Charmingly appointed and housed in a mid-16th-century heritage property, with alfresco tables looking onto a leafy cobbled courtyard, this restaurant is a fine choice for moderately priced Portuguese-Macanese classics. Food portions vary, with salads on the small side, but try the generous-sized baked chicken, the baked whole perch or the light, flavourful clams with white wine and lemon sauce. All menu entries are prepared to perfection, but special mention must go to the seafood dishes—especially the baked basa—and the melt-in-the-mouth frozen sawdust pudding.

Albergue 1601, 8 Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro, São Lázaro, +853 2836 1601,

Casa do Preto Porco


Grilled pork ribs (Photo: Courtesy of Casa do Porco)

Casa do Porco Preto takes its name from the Black Iberian pig, known in Portugal as Alentejano pig, whose meat is widely praised for its succulent, sweet, almost nutty flavour. The charming, homestyle restaurant, owned by Macanese siblings José and Vanda Rodrigues, showcases the famous black pork, reared on their family's farm in Portugal, with a farm-to-table dining experience that ranges from meat to olive oil and herbs and spices.

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The grilled pork ribs or slow-cooked neck loin are must-try dishes, while Portuguese comfort food classics such as the salted cod served with eggs and crispy fries and the fried Hake fillet with tomato rice are both exceptionally well done.

Casa do Preto Porco, 310 Rua do Almirante Sérgio, Fong Son San Chun Bloco 5, No. 310, Barra
+853 2896 6313,

Dom Galo


Dom Galo's funky interior (Photo: Courtesy of Dom Galo

As its name suggests, the rooster (galo in Portuguese) rules the cockeyed, colourful nest at this Portuguese-Macanese restaurant. Just a short walk from MGM Macau, the décor here features more rooster memorabilia than you’ll find inside a henhouse, complemented by various trinkets, toys and talismans and set in a fanciful, faux Portuguese courtyard. You won’t, however, find coq au vin on the menu. What is offered is simple and hearty comfort food. Must-try dishes include nicely charred chorizo, mussels with green sauce and a heaping plate of garlicky clams with cream sauce served with crusty bread. While a meal is certainly satisfying, the ambience is unforgettable.

Dom Galo, Av. Sir Anders Ljungstedt, n 36 G/F, AF-AG
+853 2875 1383,

Dragon Portuguese Cuisine


Baked suckling pig (Photo: Courtesy of Dragon Portuguese Cuisine)

A Recommended Restaurant in this year’s Michelin Guide, over the years Dragon Portuguese Cuisine built a sterling reputation at San Ma Lo with its classic fare—and continues to do so at its Broadway Macau location. Signature dishes include Dragon’s homemade curry crab with 10 spices and herbs; baked duck rice, crunchy on top and tender underneath; and the pièce de résistance, Portuguese baked suckling pig, which must be ordered two days in advance.

Dragon Portuguese Cuisine, Shop A-G005-G-00, Broadway Macau, Avenida Marginal Flor de Lotus, Taipa
+853 8883 1816,



Crab bread stew with octopus carpaccio and bell pepper vinaigrette (Photo: Courtesy of Fado Restaurant)

At the Hotel Royal Macau, Fado, named after the poignant traditional Portuguese musical style, features a menu that according to executive chef Luís Américo aims to deliver “the authentic taste and charisma of Portuguese cuisine with a contemporary twist” and is constantly evolving. Américo’s favourite dishes include açorda fria de santola com carpacio de polvo e vinagrete de pimentos (crab bread stew with octopus carpaccio and bell-pepper vinaigrette); bacalhau à brás (cod with egg and angel-hair fried potatoes); and fondant de abóbora com requeijão, amêndoas tostadas e nozes (pumpkin lava cake with curd cheese, toasted almonds and nuts).

Fado Restaurant, Hotel Royal Macau, Estrada da Vitoria 2-4,
+853 2855 2222, ext 142,

Guincho a Galera


Bacalhau and snail coquette with mixed garden salad (Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Lisboa)

In the Hotel Lisboa, intimate Guincho a Galera is the second home of Fortaleza do Guincho, a celebrated Michelin-starred restaurant nestled on cliffs overlooking a beach near Lisbon on Portugal’s Atlantic coast. With its luxurious orange and gold interior complemented by wooden furnishings, oil paintings and chandeliers, Guincho a Galera, established in 2012, oozes tradition and seats just 55 diners, with two private rooms handling two dozen more.


Guincho a Galera interior (Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Lisboa)

Chef Simon Li says he aims to enhance traditional dishes by adding contemporary elements, and his recommendations include bacalhau and snail coquette, tender cod and snails wrapped in a crispy covering; stewed seafood in Cataplana Portuguese-style, a cocktail of seafood including garoupa, sea bass, king prawn, Boston lobster and US clams braised in a traditional bisque; and black pork with clams, slowly roasted using traditional a Portuguese technique.

Guincho A Galera, 3/F Lisboa Tower, Hotel Lisboa, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, +853 8803 7676,

Porto Portuguese Restaurant


Baked chicken Portuguese-style in bread (Photo: Courtesy of Taipa Village Destination Limited)

While a good number Macau’s Portuguese restaurants offer menus that are often very similar, that’s not the case at Porto Portuguese Restaurant. Serving neighbourhood diners and tourists for a decade in Taipa Village, the restaurant boasts an innovative cooking style that combines homestyle comfort with the individual flair of its chefs. Recommended dishes include baked stuffed suckling pig rice, baked chicken Portuguese style in bread, and stewed clams in white wine with lemon. A word of warning, the venue’s popularity makes it difficult for walk-in diners to get a table, best to book in advance.
Porto Portuguese Restaurant, Rua dos Clerigos No. 75, Taipa Village, +853 2857 6382



Fried codfish (Photo: Courtesy of Taipa Village Destination Limited)

Portugália, established in Lisbon in 1925, is today a brand, with a chain of beer houses in Portugal, and one abroad, in Macau. Designed as a traditional Portuguese house and located in historic Taipa Village, chef Antonio Coelho, who’s also the chef at Restaurant Antonio, heads the kitchen, which serves up the brand’s iconic dish Steak “à Portugália”. Patrons can also find fresh seafood and traditional fare on the menu, such as codfish “à Braz”—eggs, fried potatoes and onions dress a shredded—and pica-pau, beef fried in olive oil, garlic and wine with the special Portugália seasoning.


 A selection of wines at Portugália (Photo: Courtesy of Taipa Village Destination Limited)

Draught beer and Portuguese wines are offered alongside the restaurant’s famous fresh snacks, including octopus salad and meat croquettes. For desserts, it offers traditional Portuguese delicacies like rice pudding and the house’s desert, egg pudding, simple, soft, slightly caramelized with a hint of Port.

Portugália, Rua dos Mercadores No.5, Taipa Village, +853 6280 3992,

Tapas de Portugal


Leitâo Assado à Portuguesa, Batata a Rodelas e Salada Mista (Photo: Courtesy of Taipa Village Destination Limited)

Renowned chef António Coelho has been presenting Portuguese food at his eponymous restaurant Antonio since 2008, but he’s not content to rest on his laurels. In addition to the above-mentioned Portugália, Coelho has further expanded his reach with Tapas de Portugal, also located in Taipa Village, and featuring a wide array of contemporary Portuguese tapas, including Pata Negra ham, assorted cheeses, chorizo, anchovies, olives, cherry tomatoes, pickles and paio, a traditional embutido sausage from Portugal.


Tapas de Portugal interior (Photo: Courtesy of Taipa Village Destination Limited)

The chef’s recommendations include scrambled eggs with Portuguese bread sausage, codfish à Braz, wet lobster rice, roasted suckling pig with homemade potato chips and mixed salad, and the popular Portuguese dessert serradura. Vegetarian and light dishes include salads, sandwiches and starters, with more hearty options such as seafood and meat dishes, alongside both traditional and creative Portuguese desserts.

Tapas de Portugal, Rua dos Clérigos No. 9, Taipa, +853 2857 6626,

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