The Michelin Guide’s first Street Food Festival at Studio City’s Macau Gourmet Walk will see chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, celebrated Bib Gourmand and Michelin-recommended eateries across Asia serving their street food creations and signature delicacies. We sample five outstanding dishes that are not-to-be missed.

Pearl Dragon


 Pearl Dragon, Cantonese cuisine, Macau, one star (Photo: Courtesy of Studio City)

Chilled Fresh Abalone with Plum Wine and Fern Root Noodles
One-Michelin-starred Pearl Dragon at Studio City is a fine dining Cantonese restaurant specialising in fresh abalone dishes. Chef Lam Yuk Ming serves this exquisite dish cold, using abalone flown in from South Africa, which is bigger than those sourced elsewhere and therefore less prone to shrinkage. Lam first cleans the abalone by brushing it with salt, then steams it for about two hours. Once cooked, the shell and guts are removed and it is sliced, cleaned once more, and marinated with a homemade sauce made of mustard seeds. Served with fern root noodles and garnished with cherry tomatoes marinated in plum wine, this dish, in a word, is delectable.



Peranakan cuisine, Singapore, one star (Photo: Courtesy of Studio City)

Grilled Wagyu Beef with Burnt Buah Keluak Butter
The world’s first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut takes a contemporary yet authentic approach to traditional Straits-Chinese cuisine. Buah keluak, a signature Peranakan ingredient, is chef Malcolm Lee’s absolute favourite. “I love to cook and eat it, traditionally with pork and chicken. But in our family, sometimes we do it with roast beef, especially for Christmas and it is really delicious,” he says. "This dish, grilled wagyu beef served with buah keluak," adds the chef, "captures both the memory and the flavour of those happy times."

Keng Eng Kee Seafood


Chinese cuisine, Singapore, Michelin-recommended (Photo: Courtesy of Studio City)

Coffee Pork Ribs
This dish is commonly found on the menu of many "Zi-Char" stalls in Singapore, and as such, Keng Eng Kee’s chefs have had to do more than follow the traditional recipe to stand out from the crowd. Not only have they hit the right note with the ratio of sweetness and bitterness in the coffee sauce, but they’ve outshone the competition in their skill with the wok. The deep-fried marinated pork ribs are tossed constantly in the wok with the coffee sauce under high heat, realising the aromatic coffee smell, without a trace of the scorching taste that is sometimes found when this delicacy is prepared by less capable hands.  

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle


Chinese and Singaporean street food, Singapore, one star (Photo: Courtesy of Studio City)

 Soya Sauce Chicken Rice
It's been the talk of the town—the world's first-ever street food stall to be awarded one star in the Singapore Michelin guide (2016 & 2017). Chef Chan Hon Meng, now 52, has been perfecting his recipe since his early 20s. The secret sauce is comprised of fresh, premium Chinese herbs and spices—carefully selected by the chef himself. For hours, the chicken is simmered in his special sauce to take in all the flavours and nourishing properties, and carefully monitored during the whole process to ensure the quality and tenderness of the meat. Without doubt, a must-try dish.



Innovative cuisine, Singapore, one star (Photo: Courtesy of Studio City)

Wagyu Shortrib with Satay Espuma
Labyrinth was born out of chef-owner LG Han’s passion for cooking and creativity that challenges common perceptions, both in taste and visuals. He draws inspiration from fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, local cultures and culinary techniques from across the globe, reinterpreting and reconstructing classic international and local creations.

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Wagyu short rib with satay espuma is one of the first signature dishes he created at Labyrinth in 2014. “It is a dish that I am particularly fond of as it brings about authentic Singapore flavours while not overpowering the star of the dish, which is the short rib and very well loved by our diners,” says the chef.

October 5-8
Michelin Guide Street Food Festival

Free admission
12 noon to 8pm daily
Studio City, Estrada do Istmo,

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