Whether you’ve been working up an appetite at the clubs or at the tables, when hunger strikes below are nine of the best eating establishments where you can satisfy late-night or early-morning cravings. From Cantonese comfort food to Macanese delicacies and Western classics, these restaurants offer up great food from sunset to sunrise and back again.  

Bi Ying


Roasted pork with pineapple (Photo: Courtesy of Studio City)

Recommended in the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2017, Bi Ying offers a culinary tour of China from north to south with regional favourites such as clay pot congee, Sichuan style roasted lamb cutlets, wok-fried crispy chicken with Sichuan dried chili and poached beef fillets in chili oil, as well as Cantonese and northern style dim sum—all made to order in the open kitchen. The restaurant also features an open lychee barbecue station fresh seafood and succulent meats—must-try dishes include roasted pork with pineapple.

Bi Ying, Shop 1182, Level 1, Casino at Studio City
+853 8865 6650, studiocity-macau.com

Lugang Café


Three-cup chicken (Photo: Courtesy of Galaxy Macau)

The 24-hour Lugang Cafe offers a varied selection of Taiwanese dishes and drinks. Must-orders include the spicy beef noodle soup, three-cup chicken and soy sauce-braised pork knuckle. Speciality drinks include blended mango and sago coconut milk, red bean milk, and watermelon with coconut milk and sago, as well as a selection of freshly squeezed juices. If you’re craving sweets, the cafe serves shaved-ice desserts, in addition to sago pudding with fresh mango.

Lugang Café , G128, G/F, Galaxy Macau, Cotai
+853 8883 2221, galaxymacau.com

Noite e Dia Café

Noite-e-DiaMacanese-Baked-Crabmeat-in-Shell.jpg (original size)

Macanese baked crabmeat in a shell ((Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Lisboa)

Catering to a 24-hour crowd has its challenges, but Noite e Dia Café, meaning Night and Day, steps very capably up to the plate, offering a rich, extensive menu that stretches from fortifying breakfasts to late-night snacks. Dim sum and the morning buffet will appeal to early diners; later, local specialities, such as crunchy bacalhau balls and a comforting soup in a bowl should hit the spot. Drinks include everything from ice tea with coconut jelly to vintage pours from the Lisboa’s weighty wine list.

Noite e Dia, Lobby Level, Lisboa Tower, Hotel Lisboa, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, +853 8803 3140, hotelisboa.com

Red 8


Chilled marinated chicken with Huadiao wine (Photo by Samantha Sin/Wynn Macau)

This is the ideal Cantonese and Northern Chinese restaurant to order dim sum. The open kitchen at Wynn Macau's Red 8 offers a 270-degree view into the kitchen, where chefs prepare some the of city’s finest delicacies, including steamed prawn and baby spinach dumplings, homemade Chinese pork cake and crispy duck and spring onion rolls. Both the barbequed Iberico pork flavoured with malt syrup and the chilled marinated chicken with Huadiao wine are sure to hit the spot.

Red 8, Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, Nape,
+853 8986 3663, dining@wynnmacau.com, wynnmacau.com

Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop


Soup in a bread bowl blending potato puree, spinach and Portuguese sausage (Photo: Courtesy of Grand Lisboa Macau)

Have a hankering for breakfast: two eggs sunny side up with sausages and hash browns? Or dinner: pan-fried sole Meunière served with lemon butter and roasted tomatoes? From a light snack or full meal, this outstanding coffee shop serves a wide range of dishes that will satisfy every late night craving. From American (prime beef hamburger with a choice of toppings) and Chinese (braised bean curd and minced pork with chili sauce Szechuan style) to Macanese (grilled king prawns Macanese style) and South Asian (Vietnamese rice noodles with sliced raw beef in soup), the menu has something for everyone, all available 24 hours a day.

Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop, U2/F, Grand Lisboa Macau, Avenida de Lisboa
+853 8803 7766, grandlisboa.com

Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop – Noodle & Congee


Homemade Shanxi noodles (Photo: Courtesy of Grand Lisboa Macau)

Sister to the Grand Lisboa’s Round-The-Clock Coffee Shop, Noodle & Congee, overseen by chef Cheung Chi-shing, recently received the Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand recommendation. The restaurant is famous for its yi gen mian (single noodle) dish—a bowl with one strand of noodle more than 70 feet long. All the Shanxi noodles here are handmade and come in a variety of types, including dao xiao mian, which is made by slicing through a big block of flour with a metal cutter for a thicker, chewier bite. Noodles are served with a choice of broth and ingredients, and can be paired with specially selected teas poured by the restaurant’s Kung Fu Tea Master.

Noodle & Congee Corner, Upper 2/F, Grand Lisboa Macau, Avenida de Lisboa
+853 8803 7755, grandlisboa.com

Rice Empire


Fried rice with diced abalone and egg white in French black truffle sauce (Photo: Courtesy of Sands Cotai Central)

The Great Wall of China, built from the 3rd-century BC to the 17th-century AD, protected Chinese states and empires from invasion. The secret of its strength and longevity, according to Chinese scientists, lies in the use of sticky rice as mortar. But rice has played a played a pivotal role in Asia for much longer, nearly 10,000 years. Rice Empire celebrates this and more with all manner of steamed, fried, baked, broiled, stuffed and stewed rice dishes. Must-try dishes include the tantalising fried rice with diced abalone and egg white in French black truffle sauce, and a fiery Sichuan-style stir-fried mud crab with chili paste.

Rice Empire, Level 1, Sands Cotai Central, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai
+853 8113 8930, sandscotaicentral.com

South by Square Eight


Supreme seafood congee (Photo: Courtesy of MGM Macau)

South by Square Eight offers classic comfort food from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and appropriately mimics the classic Cha Chaan Teng, or tea restaurant, featuring paintings by local artist Victor Marreiros and calligraphy by Mok Wa-Kei. With a roasted goose station and an open wok kitchens, diners can watch talented chefs cook their signature delicacies, including supreme seafood congee; roasted goose served with sour plum sauce; barbecued pork with honey sauce, marinated shredded chicken and jellyfish with ginger and spring onion.

South, MGM Macau, Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen, Nape, +853 8802 2389, mgm.mo

Southern Kitchen


Prawn and noodle soup (Photo: Courtesy of Sands Cotai Central)

Like the name says, Southern Kitchen specialises in southern cuisine featuring an array of Cantonese, Chao Zhou, Hong Kong and Taiwanese fare. Diners can feast on a wide variety of soups, congee, noodle and rice dishes, dim sum, barbequed meats, seafood and stirred-fried vegetables and, of course, rice. For late night cravings, it’s hard to beat the restaurant’s tasty and filling prawn and scallop noodle soup or Taiwanese-style braised beef noodles soup, both are perfect after a night on the town.

Southern Kitchen, Level 1, Sands Cotai Central, Sands Cotai Central, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai
+853 8113 7960, sandscotaicentral.com

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