Catalpa Garden at the Hotel Royal Macau has created mouth-watering medley of set menus for Mid-Autumn Festival that will send diners over the moon. 


Deep fried sweet and sour Mandarin fish with pine nuts (Photo: Courtesy of Royal Hotel Macau)

The first set menu,  titled "Golden", starts with appetisers such as marinated shrimp with Huadiao wine,  jelly fish head tossed with scallion oil, followed by an array of luxurious favourites including braised South African abalone with broccoli in brown sauce, double boiled shark’s fin soup with chicken, stir fried prawns with salted egg yolk, and steamed Hilsa herring.


Camphor tea leaf smoked duck (Photo: Courtesy of Royal Hotel Macau)

The restaurant is also offering four  kinds of “Special” festival set menus with an accent on Shanghainese gastronomic classics, such as sliced Jinhua ham steamed in honey sauce, deep fried sweet and sour mandarin fish with pine nut, camphor tea leaf smoked duck, braised pork knuckle in brown sauce, steamed Shanghai minced pork dumplings and steamed black glutinous rice stuffed with mashed red bean.

From September 27-October 5
Catalpa Garden, Hotel Royal Macau, Estrada da Vitoria 2-4
+852 2855 2222, ext 189,

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