Here's our pick of the four of the best summer buffets in Macau.  If you haven't tried any of them, we suggest you give them all a whirl. You’ll have no trouble filling your plate.



Surf and Turf (Photo: Courtesy of MGM Macau)

Rossio’s Surf and Turf summer BBQ buffet dinner, fresh off the grill every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between July 7 and 30, offers plenty of temptation for seafood and meat lovers alike, including Australian Wagyu beef rib eye skewers, Boston lobster, Frankfurter sausage and Vietnamese slipper lobster, complemented with  a selection of more than 20 different sauces and seasoning salts.

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The buffet also features dozens of regional BBQ delicacies, such as Tataki beef sushi with miso glaze; roasted turkey roll with shrimp stuffing and lobster sauce; and BBQ shrimp salad, with bacon mango salsa and romaine lettuce.

 Rossio, MGM Macau, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Nape
+853 8802 2372,



Malaysian Asam Laksa (Photo: Courtesy of Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16)

With chefs from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, all dressed in traditional costume from their respective countries, Mistral is serving Southeast Asian dinner buffet that boasts plenty of colour, flavour and authenticity. Upon being seated, guests can cool off with a chilled cincau (grass jelly) soya bean drink, or the custom-made Malaysian teh tarik – the celebrated Malaysian hand-pulled milk tea. Singaporean, Thai or Indonesian beer is also available.


Tom Yum prawn soup (Photo: Courtesy of Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16)

Refreshed, indulge in a wide range of seafood,  including  Singapore Hainan chicken rice, Malaysian asam laksa (sour, fish-based soup with noodles), Thai Tom Yum prawn soup, or Indonesian kambing guling (grilled mutton). For dessert, there's an equally attractive range of dishes on offer, ranging from Indonesian pancakes and Malaysian coconut rice to Singaporean ice kachang (beans) and Thai mango sticky rice.

Mistral, 6/F, Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16, Rua do Visconde Paco de Arcos,
+853 8861 7210,

Urban Kitchen


Live Seafood Promotion (Photo: Courtesy of JW Marriott Macau)

Urban Kitchen, JW Marriott Macau’s signature all-day dining buffet destination, is celebrating summer with the Live Seafood promotion from 1 July to 31 August.  Diners can sample six different internationally inspired seafood dishes prepared by a designated chef. One of three  seafood dishes—flambé fresh shrimp with yellow wine; fried clams with black bean sauce; or fried mussels with white pepper on champagne— will be prepared live on selected days, while steamed barramundi fish with XO sauce; steamed scallop with shallot oil on truffle paste; and deep fried shrimp ball with strawberry mayonnaise will be available as buffet selections.

Urban Kitchen, JW Marriott Hotel, Galaxy Macau, Estrada do Istmo
+853 8886 6228,

Imperial Court


Braised whole pigeon stuffed Yunnan ham and lotus seed, ginkgo of barley in brown sauce.(Photo: Courtesy of MGM Macau)

Imperial Court is presenting a Cantonese cuisine banquet with a series of more than ten nostalgic dishes this July. The chef’s special recommendation includes baked clam and crabmeat with egg; minced pork and vintage tangerine peel; and steamed fillet of garoupa with vintage tangerine peel, olive and black bean sauce, all of which are made with aged Xinhui Mandarin peel to elevate the umami of the seafood.


Steamed fillet of garoupa with vintage tangerine peel, olive and black bean sauce (Photo: Courtesy of MGM Macau)

Additional selections such as double boiled whole winter melon soup with crab meat and bamboo piths; braised whole pigeon stuffed Yunnan ham and lotus seed; ginkgo of barley in brown sauce; and pan fried crispy water melon pancake with diced shrimp spring onion and peanut from Chiuchow, make for a very enticing journey into culinary past.

Imperial Court, MGM Macau, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Nape
+853 8802 2361,

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