Beijing Kitchen is certainly an impressive looker of a restaurant. While the combination of semi-open kitchens and the vast space can sometimes look a bit mass dining, here the décor is interesting enough to make it stand out. As the name suggests, the style is northern Chinese, but from May 29-June 30, the restaurant heads south to Yunnan.


Wok-fired Yunnan ham with king oyster mushroom (Photo: Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Macau)

Yunnan, because of its beautiful scenery and rich and diverse cultural history, has been rated as a Top 10 Destination – China for three consecutive years by TripAdvisor travellers.

 In recognition of its popularity, Grand Hyatt Macau has created The Taste of Yunnan food promotion at Beijing Kitchen, with a menu that includes a wide range of dishes featuring Yunnan mushrooms and other unique ingredients from the region.


Lijiang pancake with ganba (Photo: Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Macau)

Highlights include wok-fried Yunnan ham, king oyster mushroom; braised chicken, wax tree seed oil; and Lijiang pancake with ganba (dried beef mushrooms), paired with a selection of special teas such as Crimson glory rose, Dian Hong and Pu-erh.

Diners-will-also-have-a-chance-to-win-a-hotel-stay-at-Grand-Hyatt-Lijiang-and-experience-this-magical-place-in-person.jpg (original size)

The scenery in Yunnan is second to none (Photo: Courtesy of Grand Hyatt Macau)

Diners will also have a chance to win a hotel stay at Grand Hyatt Lijiang and experience the charms if Yunnan in person.

Beijing Kitchen, Level 1, Grand Hyatt Macau
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