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Hong Kong singer Priscilla Chan demonstrated again why she is the queen of Canto-pop when she brought the audience to its feet during her Priscilla-ism Concert in Macau.

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Chan delivered a catalogue of classic hits, all given a fresh twist with new musical arrangements, and performed against an amazing stage set featuring Broadway and Chinese themes. In addition,  the diva dazzled thousand of fans with all-new choreography and as many as ten fabulous outfit changes throughout the show, all styled by leading designer Kenneth Chan.

“I am thrilled to have had this opportunity to stage a concert for all my local followers in this magnificent venue. I wanted to put on the best possible show and thanks to the love from my fans we were able to rise to the challenge. I look forward to coming back to Macau again soon!”

The veteran performer's ability to sing not only in Cantonese but also in Mandarin, English and Japanese has made her a star not only in Hong Kong but also around the world. Renowned for her powerful and emotional delivery, her Cantonese hits Fallen Snow and Silly Woman have become household anthems.

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